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Eye Allergies After Houston’s Hurricane Harvey

hurricane harvey cars flooded, eye doctor, Katy, TXThough months have passed, Houston still has yet to fully recover from the devastating Hurricane Harvey. However, one often overlooked result of the massive storm is the subsequent spread of mold throughout the city. If you think your home is safe from mold, think again, as mold can grow in a wide variety of places that are easy to miss. Likewise, the damage mold can inflict is a seemingly endless list of possible symptoms. The following is a short list of some of the more common conditions mold can have on your eyes. If you are in the Houston area and are suffering from any possible symptoms, contact your optometrist immediately, as many of these conditions require immediate medical attention. In our eye care clinic, there is advanced technology for any treatment in Frisco, TX.


Commonly known as Pink Eye, this infection is the most common eye disease in the world and mold is only one potential source for this condition. Symptoms generally include itchy and irritated eyes with a characteristically reddish-pinkish color as well as sensitivity to light. While Pink Eye is not life-threatening and will generally resolve itself without any permanent damage, the disease is still highly contagious and medical attention should still be sought immediately.


Keratitis is an infection that affects the cornea which causes inflammation, pain, irritation, and redness in the eye. This condition is a common result of mold and is much more common with users of contact lenses. Keratitis can cause permanent damage to the cornea and progresses at a very rapid pace, so seeking immediate treatment is essential to preventing loss of vision. If the infection progresses to worse stages, corneal transplant surgery may be required.


This condition manifests as severe inflammation inside the eye, causing severe pain and loss of vision. The condition is especially common among people with diabetes and previous ocular trauma, and urgent surgery may be required.

Exposure to mold can cause a wide variety of eye irritations and diseases and are not limited to the ones listed above. Nonetheless, any irritation to the eyes after exposure to mold should be taken seriously. Schedule an appointment with our eye doctors today if you’ve been exposed to mold.